Legendary. No competition, these are the most comfortable, supportive underwear ever created for men of every size. Light, skin tight, and yet breathable they hold their support all day no matter what position you’re in. Perfect for everything.

Where to buy:These are only sold at Walmart stores, not online.

Similar To:

These are the Sculptured Boxer Briefs, by Life Underwear (styled by Jockey) which also make the Sculptured trunks (shorter legs so they don’t ride up), and Sculptured brief.


Search no more, these are the pair for you. I can’t stress enough about how great these are. The tightness of the fabric is perfect, not too much, not too little and no they do not feel like spandex. They’re very breathable, they hide erections very well by keeping everything close to your body and their support lasts all day. These are the everywhere, anything, any type of weather boxer briefs that millions of men have been searching for.

Best For:

Smaller and average men will find these indisputably comfortable but the well endowed will find these to be the hands down perfect underwear. Particularly if you enjoy the flaccid up (C1-C2) or limp positions (B1-B2).


The legs ride up shortly after putting them on but it’s no big deal. Because the fabric is so thin and stretchy (which is good, they’re very light and airy) you will notice that the smallest hairs will poke through. The model in the picture is very well trimmed. We recommend getting the red/blue/black color to easily hide this.

Also, Life Underwear is only sold at Walmart stores, not online, only IN the actual store, but they are extremely limited and difficult to find. To complain please visit Life Underwear’s website to e-mail them or call 1-800-562-5391. After checking 2 Walmarts ourselves, we couldn’t find these anymore, which is a shame. These are legendary and deserve to be enjoyed by all men.


Men who like loose boxers because they feel invisible (like you’re not wearing anything) will have to get use to these as you can feel them lightly wrapped around you throughout the day. But because of this, they hold the Championship Belt by being compatible with all three positions (flaccid tucked, up, limp) and holding them very well from morning till night. If you look at picture D2 you might think they ride up too much but they don’t, they’re just very conforming to your body’s natural curves. Don’t worry they’re nothing like a thong.

Heat & Moisture:

Moisture is repelled away from the skin quickly. They stay the same temperature as your body throughout the day. If you like lounging around pant less then you’ll notice that they’ll actually feel a bit cool as you walk around because the fabric is so thin.


What ever position you’re in when you put them on is how you’ll end up at the end of the day. For well endowed men this is hard to come by and will be immensely appreciated. Support lasts all day and does not give up.


Erections throughout the day are pretty easy and men who spontaneously get them will appreciate how these boxer briefs keep everything very close to the body without feeling tight. If you have a meeting or interview in the morning and want everything to stay in it’s place these are the pair to put on.


They are masculine but they contour to your shape and size very well. Men who are shy might not want to be seen in the white pair as you can instantly tell a man’s size and thickness by looking at the bulge lines. If you don’t like this, get the black colored pair. Because looks are subjective please use the poll below to rate the appearance of this pair, do you feel positive or negative about how these look?

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92% Polyester, 8% Spandex. Fabric is thin, stretchy, light, and breathable. Whatever they did to get this formula, they need to keep it. However, hairs (long and short) poke out from the fabric but it’s no big deal, just don’t wear the white or red pair, get the black or blue ones. Fabric lasts wash after wash and doesn’t easily build up “fuzzies” or lint. Fabric stays elastic throughout the day.

Other Colors:

Last we checked, they came in dark blue teal, deep red, white, and black. The availability of each at your local Walmart is unknown and you cannot order online either.

More Information:

Official Website: LifeUnderwear.com

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  1. Johnny

    I have been purchasing the sculptured boxer brief at my local wal-mart which are the most comfortable I have worn. I travel a lot with my job and are great to hand wash and dry if necessary. My local wal-mart has stopped carrying these sculpted boxers and on my travels I have checked other wal-marts and they didn’t have them either. How may I aquire more of this style? Is this something that only my local wal-mart can get? Cannot understand why this style has been discontinued as they always seemed to go fast on the display. Thanks for any info you can provide.

  2. Willie Wilson

    I am a South African and urgently need to find out where the nearest Walmart is where I can purchase LifePower Sculptured Pouch, microfiber briefs. Even a telephone number, for me to call.

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